Erick is pursuing a new adventure, one that's led him back home. After touring in the name of music for years, Tennessee is calling him back where he belongs. He's getting the opportunity to rediscover how great his home state is, one adventure at a time. He believes our lives are full of uncharted places, and this show is about getting out and exploring those places because you never know where they may lead you. There is always something new to be learned or gained, and every day he uncovers a little more about himself. 


Executive Producer



Taylor is a seasoned producer, cultivating a specialty in nature and wildlife entertainment. As an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist, she was eager to play a role in connecting Tennesseans to the environment that surrounds them. Believing that you can’t appreciate your environment without first knowing it, she encourages viewers to test the waters, try their limits and make memories with those they love. In her spare time, Taylor is an avid backpacker, runner, sportsman, and mother of a newborn son.

Cody has been enjoying the outdoors of Tennessee his entire life. Whether it is hunting, fishing, or just getting outside, he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with everyone he meets. Mix that with his career in television production and Tennessee Uncharted was a perfect match. With a camera on his shoulder and dirt under his feet, Cody wants to bring the viewer into the outdoors with the hope that they to will learn to love and appreciate all that this great state has to offer.


Director of Photography




Director / Cinematographer



After sitting at a desk for eight hours a day for a half decade—his back to the only window in the room—Brent now wakes up early. Really early. He’s seen more sunrises in the past two years than in the previous 30 combined. It’s glorious. When he’s looking at reflections of light it’s no longer coming off a wall but a pristine river or lake. When he grabs the camera he’s doing something that he believes in. Listening. Listening as someone or some place tells their story through passionate words or deep, quiet solitude. Simply put, he loves his job.


Production Coordinator



Kristin got the opportunity to pursue something she believed in when she started working on Tennessee Uncharted. She will admit it is much more than a career, it is a passion. Kristin often helps fill in scheduling plans, creates production materials, and lends a helping hand doing whatever is necessary to make the show's production run smoothly. She hopes that by watching the show you and your family will help contribute to that story and make some of your own along the way.