By Kristin Eubanks, Production Coordinator

Before the show started, I had only been to Nashville twice in my life and downtown in my hometown of Knoxville a handful of times. My family rarely traveled outside of our 20-mile radius growing up. We had a big backyard and that's where we stayed. That might seem silly to some people. I've begun to realize that even though my immediate backyard was familiar, the entire state was truly my backyard—one that I had not discovered yet.

Anxiety is something I have had to deal with growing up, it runs in my family, and traveling shoots it through the roof. The night before we get up early and leave to film I rarely ever sleep. I get so anxious about the next day that I can't calm myself down. Since season 1, I have done a lot of growing. Working on the show and traveling to different areas has taught me more than my family's safe backyard ever could. 

Exploring the state has helped me discover myself. Even though I still don't sleep before we leave and long drives makes me break into a nervous sweat, these feelings have not stopped me from working and doing what I love. 

I have made a personal goal for myself that I am determined to follow through with for years to come. My goal is to try three things every year that I have never done before. So far, I have not checked those three things off my list, but I do have one scheduled for this summer. Skydiving! Erick, Brent, and Taylor recently went skydiving for a season 3 segment (be looking out for that) and as soon as we got home I scheduled my own dive.

I'm so incredibly anxious to go skydiving, but it is all about the baby steps (or big leaps)! First my backyard, then my home state, then the U.S., and then, who knows? Possibly overseas. Anything is possible and Tennessee Uncharted has helped me realize that. Find something that makes you grow and learn and put your heart into it! Speaking from experience, I think you will be delightfully surprised with what an adventurous life will teach you.