This week on Tennessee Uncharted, Erick travels back to Sparta to scratch below the surface and see some of the sites he missed back in Season 1. To kick off his visit, Erick dives down deep with TWRA, doing his part to document the effects of a disease decimating the native bat population.

After climbing into the Cumberland Plateau cave system, Erick and the crew (that’s right, the entire crew and their gear) connect with the Cumberland Caverns where they set off on a serious spelunking adventure. The caverns offer a wide range of trips to treat even the tamest tourist to truly spectacular scenery, but only a few hundred folks each year dare to embark on this particular challenge. It’s an adventure the crew will never forget. Always considering the significance of sound, Erick catches up with the crew of Bluegrass Underground and learns how their vision for a venue cast the “cave as a co-star” in their critically acclaimed concert series.  

Feeling motivated, Erick makes moves for another musky, this time stepping out on a stand-up paddleboard with fellow fishing fanatic Jase from Jackson Kayak. While the fishing was a flop, the float had Erick feeling famished. Luckily, a few handfuls of Hot Rod Popcorn’s Burnout Cheddar cheers the crew right up (especially when chased by some Calfkiller Brewing Company craft brews!). Finally, before throwing their bags back in the van, Erick and the crew learn to throw pottery instead, taking notes from a local artisan and everyday magic-maker, Thor of The Fragrant Mushroom.

Grab your headlamp and head out with Erick and the crew on this jam-packed journey back to Sparta, Tennessee.

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