This week on Tennessee Uncharted, Erick is getting his gobble on with a trip to Franklin, Tennessee, to participate in the Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt. While they're in town, Erick and the crew serve up a heaping helping of hometown heritage with a visit to the historic Franklin Theatre. Afterwards, Erick struts down the road to Long Hollow Leather to learn more about the handcrafted guitar straps that have kept the crooners coming back for forty years. Before the crew can pack up and head back to Knoxville, they make a quick trip to Carnivore Meat Market, a local butcher shop that specializes in South African culinary traditions, to try out a traditional treat called biltong.

It's a trip filled with "tom"-foolery that's sure to make any jake jump for joy. Grab your call and come climb in the blind as Erick sets out to talk turkey.

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