It's time for an iconic summertime experience: summer camp! Host Erick Baker tags along with a group of women, here to test their limits by learning new outdoors skills. Sponsored by the TWRA, Becoming an Outdoors Woman welcomes women from all backgrounds, from ages eighteen to eighty and above. From shooting to fly fishing, even women who come with some outdoor experience push the boundaries of their comfort zones. As one BOW camper puts it, "If you don't learn something new, it's your own fault!"

On day one Erick, the crew and other campers try their hand at firearms. Some of the women present had never held a firearm before, but by the end of the session they are more confident, hitting targets with ease, ready to tackle the next challenge. By the end of the weekend, this group has left their fears in the dust on the ATV trail, discovered new techniques for navigating the water and enjoyed their newfound camaraderie through it all.

Erick sits down to chat with Don Hossee, TWRA Wildlife Program Coordinator, who reminds us that we are all stewards of the land, and that whether or not the women at BOW participate in "hook and bullet" activities or outdoor photography, each of them feels empowered when they learn outdoors skills.

The last lesson of the weekend is Introduction to Fly Fishing, where subtlety is key. Erick learns this firsthand when he hooks his first catch of the day: the back of his rain jacket. As the weekend comes to a close, Erick reflects on the fact that we all have a vision of who we want to be: more healthy, unafraid to try new things, more courageous … and BOW helps the daughters of Tennessee get closer to that goal. Uncharted crew member Kristen Majni puts it well when she says, "BOW is not just about empowering yourself, it's about empowering other women. It's about loving and supporting one another."