It’s season three for Tennessee Uncharted, and host Erick Baker is still struggling with one of the most celebrated outdoors pursuits in our great state: fishing.  He starts out today’s show speaking with Kris Maurer, Orvis store manager in Sevierville, hoping for a little insight into turning a pastime that seems really complicated into something much more simple and fun.  After Fly Fishing 101, Erick and the crew take their newfound knowledge out on the water.  We don’t want to give you a spoiler, so you’ll have to watch to find out whether Erick finally hooks more than the back of his jacket!

The crew heads to Elliot’s in Farragut for a conversation with John Elliot about what has set his company apart for three decades.  Erick then hitches a ride with Roy Nash, mobile store manager for Elliot’s, to see what traveling shoe sales looks like in the new millennium.

With Robert Kellerman, CEO of Lodge Manufacturing, the Tennessee Uncharted Crew experiences a totally different kind of casting: turning iron into sustainable, heritage cookware.  It’s easy to see why Michael Reynolds, quality assurance technician, is proud of this Tennessee product.

Finally, it’s off to Polk County to float and fish the Hiwassee River with Southeastern Anglers Guide Tic Smith and Mark Thurman, TWRA Region 3 Fisheries Manager.  Erick and the crew learn about what it takes to manage and preserve the river, including the work of Will Collier, TWRA Region 3 Fisheries Biologist.

In exploring Tennessee recreation and livelihoods, Erick reflects on the true meaning of success.