Unsure of what to expect, host Erick Baker and the rest of the Tennessee Uncharted crew head to Lynnville, where their hearts are warmed by special needs families and volunteers, their bellies are warmed by Tennessee whiskey and they get a new perspective on what some might consider flaws, but a small leather company calls character.

The last two weekends in October find us at two hunting events. The first is TWRF’s Annual Long-Range Shootout, where custom rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders hit targets from 400 to 1200 yards away. There is a sense of fun and camaraderie, but the real purpose of this event is to raise money for what happens next weekend: the Young Guns Special Needs Youth Hunt.

Emma Lucus and Tyler Jones are both Youth Hunt participants, experiencing deer hunting for the first time. Julie Schuster, TWRF Executive Director, explains that this event opens up a world of outdoor sportsmanship that may have otherwise remained closed for these kids. Everyone gets into the event; even the Tennessee Uncharted crew volunteers to help out in the blinds.

With hearts full, Erick and the crew head to Colonel Littleton, owned and operated by the man of the same name, to learn about quality craftsmanship and Americana. Finally, it’s time for a visit to Tenn South Distillery for a lesson from Head Distiller Clayton Cutler and Assistant Distiller Colin McLaughlin in making Tennessee Whiskey.

The spirit of Lynnville proves that, sometimes, the most remarkable things are found in the smallest corners of our fair state.