Host Erick Baker and the Tennessee Uncharted crew have spent many episodes trying to improve Erick’s fishing skills. This time, he’s stepping up his game, going to the basics with locally made gear and consulting experts in hopes that he can turn his luck around.

Our first stop is Uncle Lem’s Outfitters, where we get the conversation about kayak fishing started with owner Kevin Hill. Fishing Department Manager Sawyer Adams gives us some good advice and gets us set up with a quality kayak before we head out to meet John Champion, founder of ETKA (East Tennessee Kayakers Anglers).

Now that Erick has a vessel and a community, it’s time for a custom rod. For that, he reaches out to Dewayne Wilson, owner of Dixie Custom Rods, who gives Erick instruction in the personal connection with one’s fishing rod. Then, it’s off to Soddy Daisy, where Eric Burger, owner of Tennessee Trailers, Inc., offers the opportunity to put the finishing touches on a custom kayak trailer.

Now that he’s set up with the gear he needs, Erick brings us along to his first-weekend fishing tournament. His strategy? Try not to tip over … that about sums it up. Now, it’s just a matter of luck. TWRA helps him stay in his tournament frame of mind with their new mobile app that makes it easier for anglers and sportsmen to access outdoor recreation information and even buy the necessary licenses through a mobile phone.

You’ll have to watch to find out if Erick finally lets out the call: “Fish On!”