This episode, we ride along with some of the TWRA’s seasoned veterans in preventing poaching. Mark Patterson, TWRA Wildlife Officer Region III, takes Erick out to the site of a spotlighting offender in hopes of catching someone in the act of this illegal activity. Loaded guns are present and our hearts race as Patterson gives chase to suspects, along with other officers on the ground and in the air.

So what happens to evidence when it’s seized during an illegal activity, such as spotlighting or road hunting? Joey Wray, TWRA Law Enforcement Coor’d Region III, shows us the TWRA evidence locker, with everything from guns to frozen poached deer on site.

Then it’s off to the field, where Andy Barlow and Johnny Poston, TWRA Wildlife Officers Region III, show Erick how to set up a deer decoy in hopes of catching an illegal roadside or motor vehicle hunter in action. These TWRA officers, and all the officers who have graced us with their perspectives on our show, prove that the TWRA’s role in preventing illegal activity is much more about being active in the community, about education and providing helpful services, than it is about arresting offenders.