Host Erick Baker is ‘Bama-bound on this episode of Tennessee Valley Uncharted. First up, he goes to Space Camp – Adult Space Camp that is, at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. From “repairing” the International Space Station to a simulated walk on the moon, Erick checks off this childhood dream as a mission accomplished. From there Erick hops on a boat with a retired TVA employee for an exclusive tour along the gorgeous Wilson Dam. Next up, Erick tags along with a group of folks whose mission is conservation, protection and restoration of the stunning Paint Rock River watershed. They put him to work on a high tech electrofishing study that helps determine the overall health of the vital reservoir. The show ends on a “high note” when Erick, a singer-songwriter, heads to Muscle Shoal’s famous Fame Studios to record the Tennessee Valley Uncharted theme song.