It’s all things water on this episode of Tennessee Valley Uncharted. Hosts Erick Baker and Aerial Nicole raft the spectacular Ocoee River before an exclusive tour of the Ocoee Dam flume, a one-of-a-kind structure that resembles a wooden trough snaking along the rock bluffs lining the Ocoee River. Our hosts follow this adventure with a relaxing pontoon boat ride, paddle boarding and kayaking on scenic Parksville Lake. The two also hit the Clinch River for some guided fly-fishing before Aerial teams up with some conservation groups at the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery to see how they keep the waters clean, safe and stocked with fish.


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On this episode of Tennessee Valley Uncharted, Erick and Aerial explore the Ocoee River. After, they visit the Ocoee flume with guides from the Tennessee Valley Authority to discuss a 2009 natural disaster. Unfortunately, after the crew visited, mother nature stuck again and caused additional damage to the flume—so Aerial packs back up and heads out to survey the damage.