On this exclusive Tennessee Valley Uncharted webisode, Erick Baker learns what it takes to become a master — a bass master, to be specific. This year, the famed Bassmaster Classic comes to his hometown of Knoxville on the TVA-managed Tennessee River, and Erick gets an inside look at the weekend-long event.

He kicks it off by shadowing professional angler Brandon Palaniuk, who imparts as much life wisdom as he does fishing knowledge. Erick then chats with Trait Zaldain, one of the few women in the sport, as well as a few people who work behind the scenes to make the event possible. He also catches up with Ott DeFoe, a Knoxville native and a fierce competitor in the tournament. As he watches the weekend unfold, ending with a weigh-in and the crowning of this year’s champion, Erick realizes that though you may not always win in life, being a master was never really about being perfect.

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