It’s survival mode for Erick and the Uncharted crew this week as they navigate the choppy waters that make up the Upper and Middle Ocoee river. The Upper Ocoee consists of the modified Olympic course, which was constructed for the 1996 Centennial Olympics, so it's anything but a relaxing joy ride...especially with camera and sound equipment in your raft! 

The Ocoee has a special place in the heart of 1996 Olympic Slalom Kayaker, Wayne Dickert, and Olympic Team Manager, Lisa Jacobi. Hear about their once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the legacy the Olympics left behind.

The crew also gets a tour of their accommodations this episode - a retreat center that partners with the Nantahala Outdoor Center. With a little downtime, they explored their surroundings including a zip line, water slide and paintball center.

Though we have a lot of fun rafting and zip-lining, Erick also talks with Daryl Ratajczak, Chief of Wildlife and Forestry, and other officials about how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors. Erick and the Uncharted crew go through a shortened version of a new program called Bear Attack Response Trainings (BART), where they simulate proper procedure for handling an unwelcome visitor into their campsite.

This episode features some of Tennessee's world-class natural resources and the talented and proficient outfitters that assist visitors in staying safe and enjoying these resources.

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