In this episode, the crew sets sail on a rolling river adventure near Sparta where they experience the flat water of the Caney Fork, meet the prehistoric fish of the Collins, and discover the culinary opportunities of the Calfkiller. To cap it off, Erick explores an unparalleled natural water feature with some world-renowned competitors that know it best.

Erick’s first lesson is on the Caney Fork River where he learns there is real beauty and adventure in the unexpected.

On to Calfkiller Brewery, just outside Sparta, where he finds out what makes this brew so special. Coming from a family of construction workers, the Sergio brothers are no strangers to being resourceful. The brothers pieced together a unique brewery inside their more than 100-year-old horse barn and there is little, if any, waste from every batch.

Next, Erick sets out on a beautiful morning and learns about a fish that was once a crucial component of the local native culture. The Musky, nicknamed the Fish of Ten Thousand Casts because it is incredibly elusive, gives Erick a memorable experience to say the least.

Nearby Jackson Kayak makes beautifully designed, intricate products with amazing attention to detail. While touring the facility, Erick goes to work and sees how every part is custom fit, as well as documented, so the folks at Jackson can continually improve their products. Owner Erick Jackson and some of the very top freestyle kayakers in the world take Erick out for a hands-on “lesson” at Rock Island State Park. The park is absolutely amazing, offering year round white water. Defying both logic and physics, the kayakers showcase why this area is so special to their sport.

The lesson is that whether you’re brewing beer, building kayaks or bobbing upside down underwater, life is about paddling outside your comfort zone and looking back to see how far you’ve come.

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