The Uncharted crew head to Dandridge, TN, where our loud mouthed host, Erick Baker, faces off with the large mouth bass of Douglas Lake.

Setting sail on a guided fishing trip, “Admiral” Erick finds out why they call it “fishing” not “catching”, and then during a Bass Pro High School tournament, Erick sees how much he really has to learn, as some young fishermen show him how it’s done.

Erick visits a local bait shop and uncovers the many hidden secrets they hold.  Then he’s transported back in time with a straw an old fashioned soda from Tinsley Bible Drug Co. 

Enjoying the waters of Douglas Lake, Erick learns how to make the most of the water through boating safety and uncovers the story of two invasive species that are threatening many of Tennessee’s waters.  

Find out if Erick gets bit by the bite of bass fishing.

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