This week, it’s all about reflecting. We wrap up the first season of Tennessee Uncharted with this episode, but not before taking a look back at the 65-year history of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, dusting off Erick’s old hunting bow and learning a warming story of a Nashville staple ­– Prince’s Hot Chicken. Last but not least, Erick reflects on the fun he’s had on the first season of Tennessee Uncharted.

While filming the first season of Uncharted, TWRA celebrated 65 years in operation. It was a great opportunity for Erick to sit down with TWRA Executive Director Ed Carter to learn more about the history of the agency and talk about some of his favorite success stories, including the restoration of Tennessee’s deer population.

Without the incredible efforts of the TWRA, the bow hunt Erick is headed on wouldn’t be possible. In preparation for the hunt, Erick literally dusts off his bow (which was under his bed at his parents’ house) and makes a visit to the Archery Den to have his bow restrung and get a refresher lesson.  Once all is well, Erick works on sharpening his shooting skills. Is it the bow or Erick that’s a little rusty? Given it had been awhile, he actually picks it back up rather quickly.

After the lesson, the crew is looking for a guard against the cold and heads to a Nashville culinary institution – Prince’s Hot Chicken. While there, he learns what’s special about the place from the patron point of view. Then after talking with the mother and daughter duo that own Prince’s, he learns the restaurant’s story is about a lot more than just chicken. They find that hot chicken has the power to bring people together that ordinarily wouldn’t be crossing paths on a day-to-day basis.  Before leaving, Erick tests his palate with the real deal “hot” chicken. 

With chicken in his belly and warmth in his soul, Erick heads out for his first solo hunt of the of the show. The crew explores a piece of TWRA land used frequently for Warrior and Youth hunts in the area. 

Once again, Erick learns that these hunts are more about the experience than the actual hunt.  It’s about the joy of getting outdoors and enjoying what has been given to us.  Erick and the crew got to be part of something that a lot of people never even get to see. 

Being outdoors gives Erick time to reflect on the first season of Tennessee Uncharted and all he has learned, how inspired he is to share his experiences and the excitement of episodes to come. 

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