This week on Tennessee Uncharted, Erick and the crew are packing their bags for a good ole’ fashioned family vacation! Just because it’s old-fashioned doesn’t mean it isn’t fresh. A visit to the Tennessee Freshwater Pearl Farm kicks off this adventure just south of the border in Middle Tennessee. From there, Erick dives down with TWRA to learn more about the state’s amazing mussel diversity and gets into some great grub at Goodwings, a local establishment that serves true Tennessee cuisine.

Before he can head home, Erick has his heart set on a home run. Luckily, the Jackson Generals are just down the road and agree to let Erick get on the pitcher’s mound, so long as they can put him to work with their grounds crew first.

It’s a fun-filled episode that’s sure to get you thinking about summertime and sunburns. So grab your inner tube and take off with the TNU crew as they explore Kentucky Lake.

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