On this episode of Tennessee Uncharted, Erick is casting off to reel in one heck of a finale! We start this trip by discovering the best things in life really are free when we stop by the Annual Free Fishing Day festivities in Spring City. From there, it’s off to Ft. Loudon Lake with a few fellows from the Tennessee Tech Student Fisheries Association, a group so passionate about protecting wildlife, they’re pursuing it as a profession.

Next, Erick wades out into Watts Bar with TWRA to learn more about the integration of Florida Bass into local reservoirs and to weigh in on what it means for future fisherman. Speaking of weighing in, Erick catches up with Gabe Keen, a local guide and current Tennessee State Largemouth Bass record holder, to check out Chickamauga. Finally, a quick trip to a local bait shop turns out to be pretty alluring, as Erick learns how the staff at C&C Outdoors are tying bass flies that bring in big bites.

So, tidy up your tackle box and tune-up your finest fish tale, because this is an episode that’s sure to have you hooked!

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