Aerial digs into Chattanooga’s many quirks. She first gets a tour of the city in an unconventional manner ­­— by riding around on a segway. She then takes a 26­-story elevator down to Ruby Falls to take in the magnificent sight. After that she tours Rock City, which is full of not only gnomes, but also scenic overlooks and stories of visitors’ experiences that span generations. Then, Aerial gets to have a one­-on-­one conversation with Stephanie Weldon, an athlete who has competed in all of Chattanooga’s IRONMAN competitions. The next day, Aerial volunteers at the event itself and learns how it has impacted the city (and conversely, how the community impacts the competitors); but first, she makes a stop at Hales Bar Dam. A TVA historian sheds some light on the dam’s spooky past, which begs the question that Aerial sets out to answer: do any ghosts haunt the structure? Last is a ride up Lookout Mountain on the Incline Railway, where Aerial learns about the railway’s unique past while enjoying spectacular views. During this trip, it becomes evident that whether you’re young or old, outdoorsy or more laidback, Chattanooga has something for everyone to enjoy.

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