Aerial sets out to discover what “scruffy” really means to the people of Knoxville. She starts by mountain biking with a couple of champion bikers, who teach her the value of facing challenges as well as getting active in the outdoors. Next she heads to TVA’s Norris Engineering Lab, where a long-­forgotten kiln was recently discovered during a demolition project. They have since halted the demo to save the nearly 85-­year-­old kiln and the ceramics within, which Aerial gets to explore as she heads into the kiln’s crawlspaces. Aerial then refuels with East TN Tours, an organization that allows people to sample a variety of the best and most unique food downtown Knoxville has to offer. She also visits the iconic Tennessee Theatre, where she speaks with the executive director to gain more insight into the theatre’s history and what makes it so special. To wrap up her trip, she joins a group of Girls Scouts on a Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tour and tries her hand at hunting for the paranormal. After a few days among the Vols, Aerial realizes that Knoxville’s “scruffy” label is a testament to the hospitable nature and unexpected adventures that encompass the city.

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