Erick makes a trip to Georgia to see what its northern region has to offer. First he visits Helen, a town that looks more like Germany than the Southern United States. There he meets up with local photographer Jordan Tribble, and they take part in the food, drink, and dancing of Helen’s Oktoberfest. Then, it’s off to Dahlonega to wander the scenic vineyards of Frogtown Cellars. Erick talks­­ and drinks ­­with the owner, and he is amazed to learn how the South can produce some of the most delicious and award­-winning wines. The beautiful landscapes and relaxation continue as he kayaks on the Toccoa with TVA’s Amy Blankenship. As he floats on the water with nothing but nature around him, Erick quickly finds out why this section of the river is Amy’s all-­time favorite. He then discovers another hidden treasure (in the most literal sense of the term) when he explores the tunnels of Consolidated Gold Mine. Not only does he get a sense of how miners here used to do their work, but he also gets to pan for gold! Last is a stop at Mercier Orchards, a family­-run orchard that produces over 50 varieties of apples. During conversations, treats, and cider with the marketing coordinator and the orchard manager, Erick is reminded of the importance of slowing down to enjoy life’s little moments.

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