Aerial gets caught up in the call of the mountains. She starts by setting out on the trails with an unlikely set of companions­­ – the helpful herd at Smoky Mountain Llama Treks­­ –learning that, no matter how crazy life gets, it’s important that you learn to be present. From there, Aerial heads over to the classrooms at Arrowmont to learn more about heritage crafts and the school’s mission to make art accessible to all. Next up is a visit to Fontana Dam, where Aerial explores the facilities for hikers on the harrowing Appalachian Trail, as well as hears some first­hand accounts from the “dam kids” who grew up watching their fathers build these significant structures. Finally, Aerial takes to the sky at the annual Great Smoky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Festival in Townsend, TN, where she takes in the view alongside some of the techniques it takes to fly these aircrafts.

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