Erick is making moves to understand what it means to be a Memphian. He starts his journey with a little serenity care of Sunrise Yoga at The Dixon, joined by local blogger, Michaela Dockery. After working up a sweat, they head to nearby City Silo for some heart­warming conversation about conquering challenges. Next, Erick gets into the booth with seminal sportswriter Geoff Calkins, before heading to Hog & Hominy to dig into some conversation about how the gumption of the Grizzlies is emblematic of the city they call home. Next, Erick and Michaela cruise through the Crosstown Concourse to see how the residents have polished a piece of history and made a home for arts, food, shopping and more in the process. A quick trip to the FedEx Forum allows Erick to follow­up on questions about how the Grizzlies get involved in the metropolitan community and why they’ve been able to form such a solid fan base. Finally, Erick explores the Guesthouse at Graceland, learning about the King’s heart for helping others, as well as shedding a little light on his legacy at the annual Candlelight Vigil.

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