Erick learns how Bowling Green, Kentucky stands the test of time ­­ and offers adventure in all different forms! He kicks off this trip by stopping into Brew Holler Blue Supplies, where not only do they put their own spin on craft beers, but they provide the community with the tools they need to brew at home. The owner of the brewery joins Erick for dinner at Novo Dolce, a gastro pub that works with other local entrepreneurs to serve unique and delicious cuisine. Erick then ventures out to Lost River Cave, and he learns during his underground boat tour that though the caves have been scarred by pollution, the right amount of care can lead to healing. Then he gets to zipline through the surrounding woods! Afterward, accompanied by his Lost River tour guide, Erick stops into Lost River Pizza to refuel after an exciting day. His next stop is Kentucky Lake, where he learns why fishing for Asian Carp is important for the ecosystem to thrive, and how management teams help keep the invasive species at bay. Last but certainly not least, Erick takes a look around the National Corvette Museum to learn about these iconic cars, and he even gets to zip around the track in one at the NCM Motorsports Park.

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