Aerial gains some deeper insight into the city she’s living in. She kicks off her exploration of Nashville with the Dragon Boat Festival, where she not only learns about the festival’s history and the importance of the Cumberland River Compact, but she even gets to participate in the race! Next she spends some time with the Predators, attending both Petey’s Party and the Brent Peterson Golf Classic to get a better understanding of how the hockey team serves their community. Aerial then heads to Tims Ford with an Endangered Species Specialist in the hopes of seeing some boulder darters, a rare species of fish that’s still around thanks to TVA’s wildlife conservation and stream management. Last is a visit to the Ryman Auditorium, where she meets up with Ketch Secor ­­– Old Crow Medicine Show’s lead man – and discovers what makes this auditorium so special. Though Nashville has been dubbed Music City, Aerial quickly realizes it has a lot more to offer than catchy tunes.

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