On this episode, the Tennessee Uncharted crew travels west to Paris, Tennessee to learn how hunting helps to keep the deer population sustainable, feeds the hungry, and teaches valuable teambuilding skills to kids. Even though it’s known as a premiere hunting spot, having some of the largest deer in the state, this Henry County community teaches us there is so much more to hunting than the actual hunt. 

The Uncharted crew is lucky in that the First Lady of Hunting, Brenda Valentine, is here in Tennessee and was happy to take Erick along on a hunt. Brenda teaches Erick why hunting is also about being a good steward of the earth, taking care of our land and natural resources, and helping those in need in the surrounding communities.

After a successful hunt, the crew heads over to the Henry County Sherriff’s Office to learn how hunting and helping go hand in hand. With TWRA’s help, the Sherriff’s Office is set up as an official deer checking station. This allows them to help the community on many levels. With no shortage of deer in Henry County, the Deputies for the Hungry program provides an opportunity for inmates to serve the community by helping process deer meat, which is then given to anyone in need. The program helps to preserve and control the local deer population but also ensures members of their community won’t go hungry.

Wrapping up the episode, Erick meets up with members of the Henry County Scholastic Shooting Team to learn more about shooting as a competitive sport and, of course, to learn a lesson or two. The team provides kids, who may not be interested in traditional sports, an alternative to getting outside while still being a part of a team. These kids learn important lessons that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. And speaking of lessons, let’s just say Erick literally gets “schooled” by these guys.

Although the theme of the show is deer hunting, we find that hunting is about so much more than what’s hanging on your wall. Our past times can have a purpose. There are programs across the state within the hunting community that are helping benefit the greater community and giving people new and better opportunities. 

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