In this episode, host Erick Baker heads to his hometown of Halls, TN where he learns about everything from ducks to décor.

Needless to say, he is pumped about being home, so the crew learns how pumping water into designated areas provides the appropriate habitat for waterfowl. Flooding fields greatly impact hunting in the area. With no water, there are no ducks.

Next up, an inspirational visit to learn about the Moment of Freedom program. Moment of Freedom provides wheelchair-accessible custom blinds and fishing piers across the state to ensure that everyone has access and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. The initiative is a cooperative effort by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation and Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The Uncharted crew then visits Murray Hudson Antiquarian Books, Maps, Prints & Globes - a place that Eric has passed thousands of times but never visited. Murray has the largest collection of antique globes in the world and he teaches Erick how preserving and learning from the relics of our past can offer direction for our future. 

This homecoming episode for Erick includes a special segment with Paul Henderson, Erick's junior high science teacher and hunter safety instructor. Paul and Erick spend the day duck hunting and, although there were no ducks to speak of, the trip was more about reconnecting than hunting.

Next, the crew heads to Charlene’s Colony of Shops to visit none other than Mrs. Charlene. In the age of big shopping malls and supercenters, her shops are one of the few places left where you can actually get help from the lady whose name is on the sign out front. Erick catches up with Mrs. Charlene and learns a few tricks in decorating.

This episode shows that even in the small towns here in Tennessee, there are some big things happening. Erick leaves with a new appreciation for Halls, which makes him, even more, proud to call it home.

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