This episode takes you to East Tennessee for a little trout and trail adventure.

Beginning at the Buffalo Springs Trout Hatchery, in Rutledge, Tenn., Erick learns what goes into ensuring Tennessee anglers have enviable adventures. As one of the largest hatcheries in the state, Buffalo Springs is responsible for hatching almost 750,000 trout annually, a task which adds up to more than $50,000 a year in feed costs alone. While at the hatchery, Erick assists in feeding the fish, cleaning out tanks and gets an up-close look at the various stages of growth.

From waters to “Wheelin”, the crew heads to Wind Rock park in Oliver Springs, Tenn., for the Fall Ford Wheelin Weekend. Suzy Duff, owner of James Duff Inc., takes Erick along for the ride of a lifetime to learn more about what goes into navigating the mucky trails of East Tennessee.

Navigating the trails is one thing, but performance from a vehicle on the trails is another.  Erick and Suzy head to her body shop in Knoxville to take a closer look at what customizations and alterations are necessary to pull such powerful performance out of a vehicle. Back at the festival, Erick tries his hand in Suzy’s Bronco on one of the smaller hills, learning about the technical aspects that go into East Coast wheelin.

Having worked up a big appetite, the crew couldn’t leave the area without a stop at nearby staple, Big Ed’s Pizza, known for their traditional and unparalleled slices since 1961. Erick wastes no time getting back in the kitchen, throwing around a little dough, fashioning a special “Tennessee Uncharted” pie, and digging into the spoils of his labor with self-proclaimed New Yorker and Tennessee Uncharted Production Assistant Ian LaPierre to compare regional differences. 

Whether your adventures take you to trout or the trails, East Tennessee offers ample opportunities for fun, fish and food.

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