In this episode, the Uncharted crew heads back to West Tennessee so Erick can revisit familiar places from his past and explore uncharted territory while learning about the history, heritage and wildlife that make up this exquisite area.

The crew begins by touring prehistoric Indian mounds at Reelfoot Lake State Park. Their tour guide tells the story of the people who lived here thousands of years ago, bringing the ground to life with a living history that can still be seen today.

The crew then heads to Union City to spend some time at Discovery Park of America to see the exhibit on Reelfoot Lake and to get a better understanding of the history and heritage of the area. Having just opened in 2013, this amazing interactive park is worth visiting whether you are 5 or 85. With 70,000 square feet of exhibits focused on nature, science, technology, history, and art, this attraction rivals similar institutions in major cities. To get a real feel for DPA, Erick brings along his daughter Annabelle for some learning and fun!

With a thorough understanding of the history under their belts, the crew moves on to learning about the wildlife in the area. They visit a nearby deer check station to see how TWRA ensures deer hunts are sustainable at managing wildlife populations and how the agency monitors the health of those populations. Erick assists in some of the testing and, let’s just say, gets “up close and personal” with some deer during his visit.

At last, the crew wraps up the episode with a tasty food segment at Boyette’s, a childhood favorite of Erick’s. He gets back in the kitchen to fry up frog legs, the most popular item on the menu, and to get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Boyette’s so special and why people have been eating there and coming back since 1921. 

This episode is about the beauty of rediscovery: seeing places you’ve visited many times with new eyes, as if for the first time.  

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