Aerial sets out to answer a question that has been on her mind for years: what exactly is the secret to a happy and balanced life? She begins her journey through Northern Alabama at the Unclaimed Baggage Center, where she discovers the most unusual items can have the most insightful stories. Then, she heads to Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve to explore the unique history and ecosystems within. Next, Aerial enjoys some hard­-earned treats at Payne’s Sandwich Shop, where she quickly learns the people of Scottsboro are just as heartening as the food. She then heads over to Guntersville to learn what it takes to build a boat dock on TVA land, before setting sail on the open water with North Alabama Sailing Marina. Last, she takes a moment to appreciate the picturesque Pisgah Gorge with the company of a local photographer. All the while, Aerial embraces both excitement and intimidation, hard work and fun for fun’s sake, and learns how to be her best self in the process.

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