Erick learns what it means to lay it all on the line for the things that matter. First, he stops by the famous Bristol Motor Speedway to find out exactly what goes into the track, both during races and on quieter days. Not only that, but he also gets a chance to talk about Speedway Children’s Charity and their impact on the lives of Bristol’s kids. Next, he joins a training session with TVA linemen and learns first­hand just how much effort it takes to keep electricity running through cities and homes. Afterward, he relaxes on the South Holston by going fly­ fishing with an expert from a local outfitter ­ and this time, it seems luck is on his side! Riding the wave of his fishing success, Erick then heads to a special road near Osceola Island ­ or, more specifically, the Tunnel of Love that runs underneath it. There, he talks with a local biology professor about why the building of a weir dam had unexpected and positive outcomes, and he gets a look at the amphibians it has impacted.

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